Developer Services

We are proud to work with London’s most exclusive properties and we have worked with some of London’s finest developers from the planning and consultation stage to deliver residences that rival – and even surpass – those of luxury hotels.
The consultation process begins from the moment we are appointed and we work closely with developers from the initial planning phase through to the final unit completion.
Prudent financial management of the project is critical at every stage and with this in mind, we calculate comprehensive service charge budgets that provide a balance between value per sq foot together with realistic forecasting.
In view of ever-increasing legislation across the industry, we are able to assure our developer clients of complete delivery of health & safety, HR, M&E, compliance, utilities, surveying, and insurance for their flagship schemes.
Additionally, we provide essential support for developer sales representatives, ensuring they are able to truly sell the full benefits the property has to offer.
Perhaps most importantly, we recognise that developer reputation requires ongoing enhancement even after all units have been sold and we ensure that the brand identity of our clients is upheld as much as our own.
Our property development management services include: –
• Consultation from planning and design stage to completion
• Advice on Lease structure
• Preparation of service charge budgets
• Advice on maintenance, utilities, security, amenities, environmental and other considerations
• Creation of service contracts with contractors and insurers
• Recruitment of caretakers, porters, concierge or other site staff
• Formation of a management company and issue of share or member certificates
• Liaison with solicitors, legal and planning teams
• Supporting sales and marketing teams
• Efficient process for the management of hand over
• Brand protection